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Louisville Based Web designer

Mr and Mrs Smith LLC is a Louisville Web designer and Management company, specializing in creating amazing Web designs for local small – mid sized (Louisville, Kentucky) businesses. 

We like straightforward and direct relationships with customers, with whom we can brainstorm and get excited to solve problems.

This recipe will give you a long-lasting imprint that supports your business goals and you can be proud of.

Louisville Webdesigner

Recent work.

Louisville Webdesigner

B&R Moving

B&R Moving is a Louisville based, professional moving company. Our challenge was to design a responsive site that was casual without being unprofessional.

Creating a winning Digital Strategy

You have high expectations for your Louisville, KY business. Now, you can have equally high expectations for your website. With today’s website design tools, we can meet even the highest expectations you may have. We create a killer design with real value and measurable results in website design and eCommerce development.


We design and build websites in WordPress for business, and non-profits. We specialize in small-medium sized Louisville based businesses


We create  winning SEO stratagies for Louisville based small – mid sized businesses.  Your killer webdesign needs to be found – and we can help.

Social Media

Social Media is everywhere today. We create soclial media strategies and can execute them for you too. We can target Louisville based people.

Graphic Design

Whether it custom graphics for your killer website design or you just need a one-off image. Our designers can do anything you can think of.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a must for any Louisville based small – mid sized business. With measurable results it is usually the most cost effective.

Tips and free ideas.

Louisville Webdesigner
When you decide to start a website, there are several things to handle at the very beginning.


  1. Choose a Domain Name. This is your site address and it’s the name by which your site will come to be known by visitors
  2. Decide what resources you are able to spend, both in terms of money and time.
  3. Make a list of ideas for websites and pick something you will like working with.
  4. Find a good website that you like. This will give you an idea of the look and feel of the site that you want. It will also give you an idea of the functionality of your new site.
  5. Give us a call or fill out the form and we will make your dream a reality.
Louisville Webdesigner

You cannot answer with 100% certainty what idea will be the best and bring money. You should decide what will make your website different from the rest – content, strategy, prices (if it is a webshop), design, or something else. As a rule, a project created to solve a particular problem or fill the gap on the market have higher chances for success.

The key concept should be interesting for you. If you show discrimination in the subjects you are going to cover well, it is a huge bonus. It is important to estimate the opportunities for development and the audience reasonably to make sure you have potential readers. The rest depends on your team, strategy, and proper investment.

We all rely on Google’s powerful search engine to basically help us run our lives. From confirming if it’s really true love that we’re feeling, to finding out the name of that TV character actress from our childhood….

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