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Mr and Mrs Smith LLC is a Louisville, KY based web design agency. We specialize in local business web design, including ecommerce.

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eCommerce websites are more common today than ever before. Large corporations, big brands and start-up companies all have  a presence on the internet. Even though more organizations are finding their niche online, some business owners are still little apprehensive about taking their names on the web. Talking to a Louisville webdesigner can lift some of those fears.

Global studies show that all businesses need a website regardless of their size. Furthermore, local companies hoping to leave a larger footprint should look to the internet for more opportunities to grow profits.

For many business owners in the Louisville, the idea of starting an eCommerce site can be intimidating. A Louisville webdesigner, however, can help you get started on your journey to creating a brand new sales channel. 

Research indicates that by the year 2021, over 230 million people in the United States will be shopping online (Statista). Consumers browse for products, compare prices and gather information about the products and services that they are interested in. 

Feeling Edgy about Starting an Online Business?

Companies that do not have an online presence risk losing potential business and being outpaced by competitors. Although the national figures are substantial, the value of local shoppers should not be discounted. Enlisting the help of a seasoned Louisville webdesigner will help regional businesses connect with prospective customers.


There are a number of reasons why some companies are uneasy about eCommerce. Initially, a small business owner may be hesitant about starting a website. Similarly, within companies, certain decision-makers simply fail to see the value in a web presence. Moreover, trying to get partners, shareholders and constituents onboard with the idea of an online business may be even more challenging for some companies.

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Fears about the costs involved with starting a website along with concerns about security and transparency may also hinder a business owner’s decision to launch a new platform. Some business owners and managers misunderstand the behavioral patterns of their own customers and mistakenly believe that those same customers will not find value in a web presence. Finally, many companies are simply too scared to try something new, and operate by the motto “If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it”. In the fast-paced world of business, this outlook will leave companies unprepared to meet the demands of their clients.  Working with a Louisville webdesigner will eliminate the concerns associated with launching a website so that companies can move forward with more confidence. Getting buy-in from members of an organization on developing a new sales channel is easier if there are measurable performance indicators.  The fact is that more people are shopping online. Although customers enjoy visiting physical locations, behavioral trends show that consumers prefer the convenience of online shopping. The prevalence of shopping through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has  grown. tremendously. Moreover, social commerce is giving way to even more possibilities for businesses. Developing a web presence that is aligned with the latest trends will certainly contribute to a company’s success. Interested in adding eCommerce to your business model? Contact us to find out how we can help.