Launch New Website

  • Post published:May 22, 2022

So I’m guessing you’re here because you are preparing to work with a web designer to create a new website or re-design an existing one.

This is a very exciting time, but there are things you need to have prepared before working with them.

This ensures that the process is seamless not only for us but you too because then you will have a designer that will have all the content to focus on your project and put 100% into it.

The 4 things you need to have prepared before working with a web designer:


Brand Identity refers to your brand visuals, such as:

  • Brand Style guide

  • logos

  • colors

  • fonts

  • graphics/illustrations

This is important because we want to ensure the website we are creating is consistent with the rest of your brand. We don’t want your Instagram giving off a completely different vibe to what your website is.

This gives the designer an idea of how it should look visually, to ensure you can build trust with your audience and brand recognition.

Now you can work with a brand designer, prior to getting your website designed or you can DIY, it’s up to you, as long as it’s an accurate representation of your business.


I can’t stress this enough! If you’re able to work with a designer ensure you have your images ready before or early on in the project, so they can substitute them all before launching the website.

This ensures your images are on-brand.

I highly recommend working with a brand photographer, because it adds a level of credibility and professionalism when you have professional photos completed.

Also have high-quality images ready, unless the designer can help you source them for you.


This content helps the designer understand how to construct each page, and what information is important and will speak to your ideal client/customer. Ensure you have this ready beforehand.

If you need a copywriter I highly recommend getting your copywriter and designer to chat, as their collaboration is important to the project.


I know this is the least fun, but most crucial. In most countries it’s required by law to have a privacy policy, these documents need to be added to the website by the designer.

If you’re not sure where to get these documents, I have two links below that I highly recommend.

If you’re an e-commerce business don’t forget to get yourself covered with return and shipping policies!

Take the time to ensure all this is ready to go by the time the designer tells you. It takes two to tango, and to have a seamless experience you need to work together and get the content over when they need it so they can put 100% effort into your project.