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Nathan Halsey and YuShop Global

Nathan Halsey and YuShop Global

Nathan Halsey.

Nathan Halsey, the C.E.O. of YuShop Launches China Cross-Border E-Commerce Marketplace

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Dallas, Texas —  Nathan Halsey’s YuShop Global is one of China’s Cross-Border E-Commerce solutions’ leading providers. Today, they announced their launch of 660 Madison, the world’s first China-Cross-Border marketplace application built entirely inside the WeChat App.

“Yushop built this platform that we wished existed ten years ago when Nathan Halsey first entered the Chinese market.  It can provide small-to-medium businesses a new lower cost, lower risk channel to enter what is the premier  E-Commerce market in the world.”


Nathan Halsey, C.E.O.

With more than a billion users worldwide, WeChat has become China’s No.1 social and business ecosystem and China’s No.1 Messaging App. It ranks a whopping globally third behind Facebook and WhatsApp.


YuShop’s 660Madison App provides the U.S.A. CP companies a seamless channel into the robust E-Commerce marketplace of China.

The China Cross-Border E-Commerce Solution

China’s e-commerce market is the largest globally, and it had a volume of USD 1.94 trillion during 2019.  More than 50% of the world’s online purchase transactions are made in the country of China.  This platform can provide merchants with an opportunity to grow their businesses by accessing this market. This can be done without the need to open a local office in China or even register their company in China.

660Madison App

Nathan Halsey660Madison is a premier online shopping destination for Chinese consumers to shop for their favorite U.S. products abroad (in China). These products are then shipped directly to their homes in China.  This App was built entirely inside the WeChat App and allowed Chinese consumers to discover brands. They can even watch product video demonstrations, chat with online customer service reps, and shop in their local currency—all of this – without ever leaving the WeChat App.  One of the benefits of the 6sixty madison app is that there are no websites, nor are there translation issues. As it is entirely on WeChat, there are no credit cards needed either. The 660Madison App is fully integrated with the WeChat App. This allows the online shopper to share their data without entering their information again – thus providing a one-click purchase – even for first-time visitors.

Nathan Halsey With over 35 brands and more than 200 products, the App can offer Chinese consumers a good variety of U.S.A. – made health, beauty, and fashion products  – all at their fingertips.  The platform also includes celebrity products. Brands include products by Paris Hilton, Suzanne Somers, and Denise Richards, to name a few.

“The CBME program can get American products in front of their desired targeted consumers – all at the same time that they are already shopping. This program provides our merchant partners a greater-than-average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) when compared to traditional digital marketing campaigns.” — Nathan Halsey, C.E.O. of YuShop Global.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity for American Brands to expand overseas – to the Chinese Marketplace -without the usual financial and time burdens.” Now even small – medium-sized businesses can sell in mainland China.” Jason Smith, EVP of YuShop Global

U.S.A. Made Consumer Product Categories

The most popular Cross-Border product categories are health (i.e., vitamins and dietary supplements), beauty (i.e., skin-care, makeup, and other beauty devices), and fashion. Different popular types include baby products, pet care, food, beverages and, wines, and spirits.

For more information on the 6SixtyMadison App and the YuShop Global platform, please visit https://yushopglobal.com

About YuShop Global Limited

YuShop Global is one of the leading providers of the newest next-generation China-Cross-Border E-Commerce business solutions. They provide U.S.A. based consumer product brands with a seamless marketplace for expansion into mainland China. They also provide the ability to reach more than 700-million potential consumers who shop directly in the WeChat App. The executive vice president of Yushop Global is our very own Jason Smith. Here are some Digital Marketing Agencies For Startups

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